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If you place an order with Acorn Springs Farm you hereby agree to our company policies stated below:

All orders are put onto a wait list. We are a small farm and work orders as they come in. When you are next on the list we will contact you to confirm your order. Hatching eggs will be shipped once full payment is received. Payment for chicks due before eggs are placed in the incubator.

All Sales are Final

Purchases of hatching eggs, shipping and delivery costs are non-refundable.

Please see "Cancellation" section on this page for day old chicks.

Minimum Order

Minimum order for hatching eggs: 12
Minimum order for chicks: 6

Pick Up

Chicks ordered must be picked up within 3 days of hatching to avoid additional fees associated with caring for the birds.

Price of the age of birds goes up $2 every week.

Hatching Eggs

We can fit up to 1 dozen eggs in a box. We have a 75%-90% hatch rate here at the farm. We CANNOT GUARANTEE that you will have the same hatch rate. Shipping can effect hatch rate.

Hatching eggs will have a sticker on the shipping box indicating that there are live hatching eggs inside. However, there is always the chance of mishandling by USPS.

We do not wash the eggs before sending them out and there might be some dirt on them. It is recommended that you DO NOT wash the eggs before incubating as to not wash away the bloom that is protecting the inside.

Shipping is done only through USPS. If your order does not all fit in the larger flat rate box then you will be sent an invoice for the remaining postage. 

If there is a problem with your egg order contact Acorn Springs Farm through the "Incident Report" page within 48 hours of delivery. Anything outside of this window will not be credited or replaced. 

Day Old Chicks

There is a risk with shipping. If you cannot assume the risk please source your poultry locally.

The shipping cost of day old chicks is set by USPS. 

All chicks are straight run and unsexed. There is a chance that you will get chicks that will become roosters. There is no replacement or refund for roosters.

Health Guarantee

Acorn Springs Farm does not guarantee the health of any hatching egg or chick that is shipped. There are many factors that would cause an egg to not fully develop or for the freshly hatched chicks to "fail to thrive."

We do guarantee the health/life of chicks for 48 hours after the date of pick up orders only.

Buyer's Responsibility

The buyer is responsible to maintain the birds' health and care after the purchase and transfer of possession. Acorn Springs Farm is not liable for anything that happens to the birds or costs associated after they have left the farm. Should the birds become ill or unsound, any and all costs of treatment will be the responsibility of the buyer. Acorn Springs Farm does not reimburse veterinary or delivery costs.

Common and Easily Correctable Conditions

The buyer assumes all responsibility for all minor conditions that are "common and easily-correctable." if any common and easily-correctable conditions arise, it is the buyer's responsibility and the birds are non-refundable and not covered by the replacement policy.

"Pasty butt" is considered a common and easily-correctable condition. It is the customers responsibility ti look out for "pasty butt" and to clean accordingly.

Replacement Policy

Any damaged eggs will be replaced with photographic proof. Contact Acorn Springs Farm through the "Incident Report" page within 48 hours from the date of delivery.

Any deceased chicks within 48 hours or pick up will be given a credit towards a replacement if they are properly cared for and to those that are eligible. Contact Acorn Springs Farm through the "Incident Report" page within 48 hours from the date of pickup. 

All replacements are required to be picked up within one month of the initial order unless specified otherwise. Failure to pick up within a month will void the replacement/credit.

Eligibility for Replacement

Replacement on chicks must abide to the following policies:

Receipt or Order Number. The buyer must be able to present at least one of these in order to receive a credit. We will not be able to do anything with out a receipt or order number.

Six Chick MinimumThe buyer must have purchased 6 or more chicks. Chicks are flock animals and need other chicks for the chance of survival. Acorn Springs Farm does not guarantee replacements for any purchase of less than 6 chicks.

Isolation Form Other Chicks/Birds/Animals. The buyer agrees to keep the chicks apart from other flocks that are not from Acorn Springs Farm. We only guarantee the health and handling of birds until they transfer into the possession of the buyer. Merging Acorn Springs Farm birds into a pre-existing flock is the risk and responsibility of the buyer. If one chooses to do so, it is not covered by the replacement policy if an issue were to arise.

Vitamins/Electrolytes/Probiotics. The buyer agrees to maintain the chicks health and vitamins/electrolytes and probiotics as specified after transporting. Failure to do so voids the guarantee.

Maintaining the Right Temperature Required for the Age of the Chicks. Day old chicks up to 1 week require at least 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature goes down 5 degrees every week.

Photographic proof will be required along with an incident report being filled out within 48 hours of delivery. If these are not provided then replacement will not be possible.

Sexing and Roosters

Acorn Springs Farm does not give credit, replacement or exchange roosters that come from the purchase of our hatching eggs or chicks.

Hatching eggs can not be sexed. There is a strong possibility that you will hatch out a rooster. 

Chicks come unsexed and straight run. 


Most orders are not refundable. Hatching egg orders are sent out within two business days of invoice payment and there will be no refund available. 

Cancellation of chick orders within the 21 days of the scheduled hatch date will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

If Acorn Springs Farm has to cancel an order because it does not meet the minimum requirements or company policies, the order will be subject to a $20 cancellation fee.

Sometimes Acorn Springs Farm needs to cancel an order and we reserve the right to do so. If Acorn Springs Farms cancels your order then you will be refunded.

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